Animal Cruelty: 2 Dogs Were Starved To Death And Left Inside A Locked Bedroom By Their Owner

Animal Cruelty: 2 Dogs Were Starved To Death And Left Inside A Locked Bedroom By Their Owner

This is one of the worst cases we’ve seen..

It was a real shocker for animal lovers to have heard the news about two dogs starved to death by their owner.

29-year-old Jamie Broadbent locked and left his German shepherd and terrier in a bedroom at his apartment in Burnley.

According to Mirror, the landlord called the animal inspectors to investigate on his tenant’s room. The bedroom’s handle had been removed so they had to break down the door in order to get in.

Inside, they found Roxie and Cassie, dead and rotting away. Alongside them were a couple of food bags but it was obvious that the dogs have not been fed.

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RSPCA said one had been dead for 10 days and the other one for more than a week.

Broadbent ­confessed he did not give the poor dogs’ proper care and supervision which resulted to their deaths in February.

Rebecca Stanton, Broadbent’s solicitor said something has changed in the dog owner’s life quite significantly to force him to do this offence.

RSPCA Inspector Charlotte Booker told the court, “He had moved out and posted the key but we think he must have been living there when the dogs died. He was there for possibly a few days or even weeks after they died. He had taken the door handle off the bedroom door which we assumed was to stop kids from going in. Both dogs were emaciated and were very dirty. He was saying he couldn’t afford to feed them but two bags of dog food were found.”

He added that the accused did not give either of his two pets any water which made it worse because it free. “If you genuinely needed help there is help,” she said.

“He didn’t give either of them any of water which makes it worse as water is free and takes nothing to fill up a bowl of water. The fact that there was food there too makes it all the worse. If you genuinely needed help there is help.”

“This is one of the worst cases we’ve seen.” Brooker described the abandoned room, “the bedroom was appalling there were faeces are urine on the floor because they were locked in that room and didn’t go anywhere else. The puppy was going on about one and the German Shepherd was about two or three years old.”

The autopsy did not reveal anything because the doges were already surrounded with maggots and decaying when the authorities got there.

 “The suffering must have been absolutely immense for the dogs. The vet commented that it would have taken several days – probably even longer for them to die.

Booker pointed out, “It’s a serious offence which carries a six-month jail term and £20,000 fine. We would hope for a ban to stop him from having any animals in the future.”

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