Afghan Police Shoot Bird Carrying Explosive Device, GPS tracker and Detonator

Afghan Police Shoot Bird Carrying Explosive Device, GPS tracker and Detonator

Afghan police noticed a suspicious large bird with wires sticking out from its feathers in the north of the country near Turkmenistan border on Saturday.

Officers opened fire when they saw that the bird had been carrying an explosive pouch, GPS tracker and detonator.

According to the cops, they knew that the bird was not native to the area

NBC News reports that the bird exploded after it was shot, with ‘suspicious metal stuff’ that scattered around after it was hit.

Major General Abdul Nabi Ilham said, “We are gathering all the stuff, but found parts of what looks to be GPS and a small camera.”


This came two weeks after Reza Gul, mother of a local police, took revenge on the Taliban for killing her son. News was told that she helped kill 25 militants during the battle.

Gul became a hero after she, along with her other female family members, defended their village from almost 400 Taliban fighters through a seven hour gun battle.

She said, “The Taliban attacked our village and my son’s outpost at dawn. After seeing my young son’s body I picked up his gun and decided to fight off the killers of my son until I die.”

Meanwhile, Ahmadullah Anwari, Afghan district police chief in Helmand Province, complains that his officers are facing major weapon and equipment shortages.

He explained, “Sometimes up to 200 Taliban attack our checkpoints and if there are no army reinforcements, we lose the fight,” stressing that he can supply each checkpoint  in his district with only three hand grenades. “It shames me to say that we don’t have enough weapons and equipment. But this is a bitter reality,” he added.

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