10 Different Types of Personalities You Meet during Christmas Season

10 Different Types of Personalities You Meet during Christmas Season

With Christmas just around the corner, you are bound to meet at least 10 different types of personalities among your friends, family, or co-workers.

The Faithful

This person might also fall under the other categories but what sets him apart is that he religiously follows Christmas customs, including waking up at dawn to attend Simbang Gabi and staying up until midnight on the 24th for the Noche Buena.

Photo credit: Newsflash

Photo credit: Newsflash

It would be fantastic to align yourself with a positive person like The Faithful one.

The Santa Claus

He enjoys making a list and buying gifts for his many friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. The Santa Claus does not have to be rich. In fact, many of the Santa Clauses I know are ‘ordinary’ workers who just love to spread the spirit of Christmas by giving gifts to everyone.

Photo credit: Reno Moms Blog

Photo credit: Reno Moms Blog

After all, you can always find gifts that are cheap yet wonderful to give. It is always fun to have a Santa Claus friend. Don’t you think so, too?

The Clueless One

The complete opposite of the Santa Claus character, this person has no idea what to do, where to go, and what to buy for Christmas – for himself or for his family and friends. If he joins a party, he is most likely to gift you with something weird or unusual.

Santa’s Elf

What’s fantastic about having a Santa’s elf for a friend is that this person is creative enough to create own crafts to share for Christmas. You might receive a handmade card or a knitted jacket or a delicious cake from this person.

Photo credit: Caketopia

Photo credit: Caketopia

The Socialite

This person seems to be attending as many parties as he could possibly squeeze in – whether it’s a high school reunion or company event or just a party among the coolest people in town. Yep. He definitely belongs there.

The Socialite enjoys being the life of the party and the center of attention. He’d absolutely loves to go party-hopping; enjoying parties thrown by his dozens of friends or even hosting one himself!

The Wallflower

The opposite of the socialite, The Wallflower attends the parties but remains in the shadows. While the crowd is enjoying the dance, The Wallflower sits and watches the crowd or is stuck playing with a smartphone while the rest of the people are having fun.

The Grinch

Ah! Every year I see many of these people pop up out of nowhere. These people never see what’s so wonderful about Christmas. They wish to ruin Christmas for everyone. Though these people may not be as crazy as the real Grinch, they try to ruin the joyous Christmas spirit for others, anyway.

Photo credit: Universal Studios Entertainment

Photo credit: Universal Studios Entertainment

The Holiday Shopper

During Christmas season, stores entice people to shop by offering them with huge discounts. This is the perfect season for The Holiday Shopper whose main goal for Christmas is to buy something huge, something great as ‘remembrance’ for his Christmas bonus.

He is known to splurge on the latest gadgets or the largest electronic device to fit his budget because the next time he gets a huge bonus like this would probably be next Christmas.

The Indifferent One

You can ask this person to deliver gifts or help in doing the decorations, yet that does not mean he is interested in doing it. He could just be a bored person who got caught up with the festivities. He could have a lot of friends splurging on parties but he chooses to stay away from these fun activities. He does not hate Christmas like The Grinch, yet he does not love the season and chooses to stay away, instead.

The Lucky One

This person attends parties and enjoys various Christmas activities – then wins the best costume award or takes home the grand prize! I bet everyone wishes to be The Lucky One during huge events like company Christmas parties where prizes could range from smartphones to motorcycles and cars!

Photo credit: ShropshireStar

Photo credit: ShropshireStar

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