Would You Dare Drink Peruvian FROG Juice for its Healing Powers?

Would You Dare Drink Peruvian FROG Juice for its Healing Powers?

High above the Andean Mountains in Lima, Peru, the locals have allegedly found the cure against several ailments and medical conditions, including low sex drive, asthma, tuberculosis, and anemia: the delicious (???) Peruvian Frog Juice!!!

It is really crazy how many people could fall for this claim, but many of the locals actually became regular customers at the food stand selling the freshly juice.

Photo credit: towleroad.com

Photo credit: towleroad.com

This juice has become a part of the Andean culture and is believed to have excellent healing powers. Vendor Maria Elena Cruz claims that the frog juice can heal a host of illnesses, including tuberculosis, anemia, fatigue, stress, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments.

She claims the frog juice can also boost sexual prowess and increase low sex drive.

Clean, delicious juice

The frogs are kept in an aquarium until a customer orders the special juice. Maria Elena would, then, pick up one and slam it on the countertop until it dies.

She skins it afterwards. This skinned frog is dropped into a blender with honey, carrots, and Peruvian maca root. Take note that she does not take out its internal organs and other parts, just the skin.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd

Photo credit: AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd

After a few minutes, the drink is finished. It is green in color, most likely because of the plant parts added.

Technically, it is a ‘clean’ drink because the frogs are taken from an aquarium, though scientists and doctors would surely warn you not to try the drink – unless you are very adventurous and have the stomach for this kind of weird food.

Would you dare sample this, errrr, delicious drink to boost your bedroom prowess?

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