Woman’s BF Beats Her To Death With A Baseball Bat; Miraculously She Was Able To Give Birth Before Passing Away

Woman’s BF Beats Her To Death With A Baseball Bat; Miraculously She Was Able To Give Birth Before Passing Away

Last Wednesday, Paola Delgado-Polanco was allegedly beaten to death by her boyfriend Fernando Flores, 24, using a baseball bat.

Police reports say the 21-year-old Mexican woman was assaulted at her trailer park home in Delaware, where paramedics found her unconscious.

Miraculously, moments before she passed away, Paola gave birth to a baby girl.

Though 3 months premature and in critical condition, the newborn’s status is now stable at Christiana Hospital.

Police suspected that the boyfriend was the one who attacked the victim, so they immediately arrested Flores that same day.  The charges have been elevated from assault to manslaughter. At the moment, he is awaiting trial in the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution.

Meanwhile, Paola’s family in Puente de Camotlan put up a fund-raising page to help bring her body back to Mexico. The raised funds will also aid in caring for her daughter, which the family will now look after.

The GoFundMe page says,

“Paola Eden Delagado Polanco was a young thriving girl and full of life, with charming simplicity and humility. She died October 29 at her 21 years as a victim of domestic violence  caused by her boyfriend in Bear, Delaware. Paola was six months pregnant, and by a miracle the baby survived. God has plans for all of us and Paola is now in the kingdom of heaven with our Heavenly Father. She was beautiful, but her inner beauty was far more radiant than her physical attractiveness. We urge support for funeral expenses and to send her body to rest in her home town of Puente de Camotlan Nayarit, Mexico. We also ask for your help in the expenses for her premature baby girl who has a long journey ahead of her. Thank you and may God bless you .

– The Delgado Polanco Family”

As of writing, the funds for Paola and her daughter has now reached $2,635.


screengrab from GoFundMe

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