Woman cuts off 3-year-old boy’s penis in China

Woman cuts off 3-year-old boy’s penis in China

Can you think of a reason why a woman decided to cut off a three-year-old boy’s penis?

Apparently, her cellphone which the little boy used to play music while she was in the bathroom drove her to cut off his penis.

The woman, who is the girlfriend of the boy’s uncle, was irritated by the boy’s action. At the time she committed the crime, the boy’s mother was assisting a relative harvest corn.

The boy was immediately rushed to a hospital in the provincial capital of Zhengzhou where he received a six-hour operation to reconnect his penis. He was later on transferred to Beijing hospital to get further treatment.

Fortunately, the surgery was successful as the doctors were able to reconstruct the boy’s penis,according to Peking University First Hospital.In addition, his ability to have kids in the future was not affected.

However, he will not be able to urinate standing up. His doctors also revealed that the boy’s future sex life will also be affected.

To help the family pay for the medical bills as well as the expenses for psychological counselling, the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children is raising funds.

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