Why Pangasinan Health Exec Bans Sale Of Salted Eggs in San Carlos City

Why Pangasinan Health Exec Bans Sale Of Salted Eggs in San Carlos City

Last June, at least 71 people in different towns in Pangasinan were downed by food poisoning because of eating contaminated salted eggs.

Last October 21, a father and his two sons from Barangay Palaming, San Carlos City were treated after complaining of stomach pains and vomiting. The same incident involving 4 more victims from Barangay Pampang on October 29 and another one on October 30 were also accounted. Victims said the last thing they ate were salted eggs.

The number of food poisoning victims rose to 19 on Monday, then 2 more cases were reported 2 days ago, totaling to at least 21 victims.

On Friday, 6 people  from Barangay Payar were hospitalized after showing signs of food poisoning following their consumption of salted eggs they bought from the City’s public market.

With these cases arising in Pangasinan involving only one culprit, the health officer of San Carlos City, Dr. Edwin Guinto, temporarily banned the sale of salted eggs in their City. He said it would only be lifted once the food poisoning cases stop.

Based on status report, the youngest victim was 2 years old while the oldest was 56.

According to investigation, the salted eggs that were sold in San Carlos City came from another town in Pangasinan.

The ban was ordered to be implemented in all stores in the City. Some salted eggs were also pulled out for laboratory examination.

Dr. Ana de Guzman, the provincial health officer, says traces of salmonella bacteria were discovered on the victims’ feces, However, they can’t conclude if it came from salted eggs.




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