WATCH: Microwaved Glow Stick Explodes In Kid’s Face

WATCH: Microwaved Glow Stick Explodes In Kid’s Face

Jack was warned by his father not to microwave his glow stick. The reason became obvious when he microwaved his glow stick.

A kid named Jack filmed himself experimenting with science in his kitchen. Once the temporary light is cooked, he takes it out and shows it to the camera – only for it to explode. The contents launch into his eyes. He cries out in pain at which point his dad also explodes.

His dad wasn’t too happy about it, but the important thing is that Jack is okay now and so is that ‘beautiful shirt’. “God dammit, Jack!” the dad yells. “I have to see what to do, you dingaling! … Not to mention it’s all over your awesome shirt.”


What happened to Jack is sad but this incredible video of them uploaded to YouTube by Jack’s older brother went viral. It already reached 2,252,388 and still counting views as of today.

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