Wanted! Call center agent STEALS wallet with P80,000+ in Eastwood

Wanted! Call center agent STEALS wallet with P80,000+ in Eastwood

What would you do if you find a wallet containing P80,000+ left on a table in a quiet restaurant? To one young man, it was simple: tuck it inside the pants and act as if nothing happened!

The angry daughter of the wallet’s owner posted her frustrations on Facebook, sharing the CCTV footage from the restaurant in hopes that netizens can help her find the culprit.

Photo credit: Maria Angelica Raya-Ligon

Photo credit: Maria Angelica Raya-Ligon

In her Facebook post, Maria Angelica Raya-Ligon said her mother left her wallet at Go! Salads, Techno Plaza 2, Eastwood City last October 19, 2014. The wallet contained over P80,000 in cash and 2 senior citizen IDs.

What’s even more disheartening is that the wallet was lost the day of her parent’s wedding anniversary!

Perhaps her mother was just too excited about celebrating their wedding anniversary or perhaps it was due to old age – but let’s not blame the victim! Whatever her reason for leaving the wallet behind, the finder should have returned it to the rightful owner.

CCTV Footage as Evidence

When the young man arrived at Go! Salads, he immediately ordered his food.

Photo credit: Maria Angelica Raya-Ligon

Photo credit: Maria Angelica Raya-Ligon

His polo and large ID lanyard were tell-tale signs that he could be a call center agent at one of the nearby offices in the area. His lanyard was dark and printed with 3 bold letters, leading Maria Angelica to believe he was working at either IBM or WNS – especially because the incident happened on a Sunday.

While waiting for his food, the call center agent spotted the wallet on the table. Because he did not see the CCTV camera in his excitement over the find, he quickly moved in on the wallet.

Before that, however, he removed his lanyard and eyeglasses – those actions alone showed he intended to keep the wallet, no matter how much money was inside!

Satisfied at the contents of the wallet after a quick check, he tucked it inside his pants and went back to the counter to wait for his food, as if nothing just happened.

Photo credit: Maria Angelica Raya-Ligon

Photo credit: Maria Angelica Raya-Ligon

The staff at the counter did not feel there was something amiss because the man even waited for his food for about a minute. When it was ready, however, he grabbed it and went outside as fast as he could, without arousing suspicion.

It was only later that the lady at the counter realized how the man looked nervous and in a hurry to go.

Maria Angelica waited for a week for the call center agent to have a change of heart and return the wallet, yet no one tried to contact her mother despite clear contact details placed inside the wallet. Of course, the man could have returned it easily to the restaurant, but he chose to keep the money for himself.

To date, the thief has not been caught yet.

Please help. My Mom’s wallet was stolen by this person, containing 2 senior citezens Id and 80,000+ cash, Sunday October 19 1:54 pm at Eastwood. He is wearing a dark colored lanyard (black, navy blue or gray with 3 letter incription) black rimmed eyeglasses. For information please text 09178807276. Tnx. – Maria Angelica Raya-Ligon

Bossing, I hope nagamit mo yng pera na nakuha mo sa maayos na paraan! Sana ginamit mo ito sa pag pakain mo sa pamilya mo at hindi sa pang bisyo.

Maraming balita about mga janitor or taxi driver na ng babalik ng mga napulot nilang wallet. Mas pipiliin nila na ang ipakain nila sa pamilya nila ay hindi galing sa pinag hirapan ng ibang tao.

Ikaw na pormado at ng ta-trabaho sa call center; possible WNS or IBM (base sa investigation at sa kanyang suot na ID ito lang ang my pasok kapag Sunday), ay walang alinlangan na kinuha kaagad ang wallet. Base sa CCTV footage nag masid at tumingin kpa sa paligid. Tinangal mo pa ang salamin mo at ang ID mo. Sabi din ng kahera ng Go Salad ay nag mamadali kng lumabas.

1 linggo na ang lumipas. Sana naman ay nagamit mo ng maayos ang pera na hindi sayo.

At kung sakali na mahuli ka ay nakakaawa ang magulang mo dahil sa kahihiyan na ibibigay mo sa kanila. Kung di k naman mahuli ay mag party to d max kna dahil iikot din yan syo!

Pasensya na sa mga na tag ko. Nagbabaka sakali lng my makakita nito at makilala itong c pogi!

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