Two Transgenders Murdered – Why is Jennifer Laude’s Case Getting More Attention?

Two Transgenders Murdered – Why is Jennifer Laude’s Case Getting More Attention?

Two transgenders were killed in a span of weeks – one gained national (and international!) attention while the other was quietly tucked away in the bowels of the publishing world. The question is, why is one getting more attention than the other?

Who is Jennifer Laude?

Who here has not heard about Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude and just about every other detail regarding her case? The media circus surrounding her death has gone on for weeks, that every single media outlet seems to be broadcasting every minute detail about the case, every few hours or so.

Photo credit: GMA News

Photo credit: GMA News

I have nothing against Laude but the case was just ‘over sensationalized’ to the point of being irritating and somehow irrational, where groups slammed the president for not attending the wake or the burial – I didn’t know Laude was a VIP???

When Laude’s rape-slay was uncovered, the public was made aware of every detail of the case, including what DNA evidence was found on scene. Well, that’s fine with me – but we’ll get to that later.

Because the primary suspect against Laude’s case was a US soldier who was taking part of the VFA, militant groups immediately took to the streets to renew their calls for the cancellation of the VFA. Rights groups such as Gabriela and the LGBT community launched campaigns and rallies, calling for justice.

Across the world, groups staged protests in support of Laude, calling for punishment against Joseph Pemberton, the US marine who allegedly raped and killed her.

Photo credit: Rappler

Photo credit: Rappler

Even Laude’s German boyfriend shared the limelight. All his actions were reported – from the moment he arrived in the Philippines, his emotional ‘reunion’ with Laude at the wake, his climbing the fence with Laude’s sister so they could try assaulting Pemberton, his breakdown when he was told he can’t go back to Germany yet, up to his flight back home.

Who is Joy Añonuevo?

Meanwhile, another transgender, Joselito “Joy” Añonuevo, was killed in a hate crime where the suspect/s stabbed her 33 times to ensure her death.

Photo credit: Naija

Photo credit: Naija

Despite the equally violent nature of her death, media coverage was kept to a minimum. Unlike Laude’s case, there was no regular update in Añonuevo’s case. Although her death was also trending for a couple of days, in the wake of Laude’s case, the coverage was quieter, less sensationalized.

Also, there were street marches calling for justice for Añonuevo.

What’s wrong with us? Are we just after sensational, juicy news like that of Laude’s? Perhaps Añonuevo’s did not interest many people because it really seemed like just another robbery-slay while Laude’s was more interesting because of its sexual nature.

It is also possible that there was more interest in Laude because the perpetrator was a US serviceman and the militant groups have long called for the government to junk the VFA.

Still, the rights groups who were calling for equality now appear to be eating their own words, because they are not being equal to all. Why can’t they give Añonuevo the same treatment they have given Laude? It seems unfair.

They are calling for fairness, yet they are not being fair themselves. Justice for Laude! AND Justice for Añonuevo!

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