Traffic Enforcer Sells Bibingka for His Children’s Tuition

Traffic Enforcer Sells Bibingka for His Children’s Tuition

A traffic enforcer is being praised across social media for his honorable ‘sideline job’ of selling ‘bibingka’ (rice cakes) and other kakanin to motorists, shares RachFeed [Traffic Enforcer’s Honorable Sideline as Bibingka Vendor Earns Praise].

The Dailypedia previously featured the traffic enforcer, though at the time, the netizen who shared the video was not able to get his name or take a clearer photo.

VIDEO – Hardworking Traffic Enforcer Sells ‘Kakanin’ to Motorists along EDSA

This early evening, Top Gear Philippines shared a photo made by Facebook user Czes Rivera of the traffic enforcer, selling his kakanin. This time, the shot was excellent because it clearly shows his face and nameplate [GONZALES].

Photo credit: Czes Rivera/Top Gear Philippines

Photo credit: Czes Rivera/Top Gear Philippines

Judging from the green scooter and yellow bayong, this is the same traffic enforcer we featured before.

What struck Rivera and the people who commented on the Facebook post of Top Gear Philippines is the fact that the bibingka-selling traffic enforcer is very courteous and friendly. He never forced the motorists to buy – which actually made them buy from him!

In short, even though he was wearing his traffic enforcer’s uniform, he was very humble as a vendor to the motorists. This goes to show that this man is truly someone with a kind heart and an honest drive to earn extra money for his family by selling those kakanin.

Why does he need a sideline job, anyway?

According to Rivera, the traffic enforcer is selling bibingka for his children’s tuition. We salute you for that, Officer Gonzales!

It might be easier to earn money by extorting ‘kotong’ from motorists, yet he chose to earn the extra cash in the most honest way possible. It is highly likely that he is selling the bibingka while he is on duty, especially because he could be seen in uniform on those occasions he was photographed/videotaped.

He could even get in trouble for doing the sideline while on duty, yet he does it nonetheless so he could provide for his family’s needs! It would be heartless for his superiors to suspend him.

Several netizens pointed out how he should not be selling while on the job, yet many defend Officer Gonzales. Some netizens mentioned how they have spotted traffic enforcers texting or chatting while on the job, so what Gonzales is doing is not really far from these non-work activities yet it was the best thing one could ever do to try make ends meet.

How much does a traffic enforcer earn? Salaries are confidential, so we can’t really ask Gonzales how much he earns from the government yet it is easy to see that he is NOT EARNING ENOUGH!

If he is earning enough, then he would not be risking his neck by selling kakanin in the busy streets of Metro Manila. If he is earning enough, then he would not be risking his job while selling those wares!

Considering how many millions and billions of pesos are being discussed daily, in relation to our bigwig politicians, it is disheartening to see that a regal traffic enforcer like Officer Gonzales has to resort to selling kakanin for his children’s tuition fees!

Click here to view the original Facebook post made by Top Gear Philippines

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