Ten Reasons to Love Spinnr

Ten Reasons to Love Spinnr

Pinoys are inherently music-lovers. From audio cassette tapes to music streaming, the way Filipinos enjoy music has evolved through the years but the love for it still remains.

Spinnr, the country’s #1  streaming app, has just celebrated its first year anniversary with Smart Communications. Within its first year with the network, the music streaming app has revolutionised digital music experience making it the most used streaming app in the Philippines.

We’ve rounded up ten reasons to love the Philippines’ biggest online music portal.

1. Taylor Swift is still on Spinnr

While the Grammy-award singer pulled out her albums from Spotify last week, Spinnr subscribers can still listen to all of Taylor Swift’s songs in the music streaming app. That’s a nice treat for all Taylor Swift fans since the  American hitmaker has recently released her latest album, 1989.



2. Free Trial for 15 days

Not sure if you want to avail of their service? Worry no more since Spinnr gives you free 15 days trial to experience awesome music streaming.

3. Incredibly low price

For as low as P2.50, you get to treat yourself unlimited music streaming for 24 hours.



4. Flexible packages

If you think one day isn’t enough to enjoy Spinnr, you have the option to get their 7-day, 15-day, or 30-day plans for affordable prices. Access streaming online and offline as well as mobile data usage all come for free.

5. Access more than 3 million songs

Offering almost any music track to suit your spirit, you’ll definitely go crazy with Spinnr.

6. Playlists to Suit your Mood

Looking for a playlist to pacify your crying baby? Are you in the mood to listen to latest K-Pop hits? Spinnr lets you easily create a playlist that will suit your mood. Too lazy to create your own? Pre-saved playlists and the Spinnr radio function will spare you from the hassle of making your playlist.

7. Offline mode

Since Spinnr is powered by Smart, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong with this music streaming app. But if you need to go on offline mode, Spinnr also has a function  which allows you to listen to your favourite songs even without data connection.

8. Access anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re an iPhone user or an Android fan, Spinnr lets you take your music anytime and anywhere. Desktop or laptop users need not to worry since you can access the service by logging in to www.spinnr.ph.

9. Safe on the Cloud

With Spinnr, you only need to save the actual app on your SD card or device storage device. Everything else is saved on Cloud!

10. Total Music Experience

As for Spinnr’s latest promo, subscribers have the chance to win tickets to One Direction Concert on March 21 and 22 at The Mall of Asia Concert Ground. Now that’s the total Spinnr experience that goes beyond music streaming.



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