This Tight Rope Walker Just Crossed The Chicago Skyline ‘BLINDFOLDED’

This Tight Rope Walker Just Crossed The Chicago Skyline ‘BLINDFOLDED’

WASHINGTON – Nik Wallenda, a US tightrope walker and a ‘daring’ daredevil, successfully broke two world records when he crossed back-to-back high-wire walks across the skyline of Chicago without a safety harness.


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35 year old Wallenda, a seventh generation member of the Flying Wallendas circus family, on the record, has been the only man to cross the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls on a tightrope. This time, he set the records for the steepest tightrope incline and highest blindfold walk as he walked warily across the gusts of wind in mid-air.

Wallenda walked pass above more than two city blocks and trudged above the Chicago River in a tightrope inclined at 19 degrees between the Marina City west tower and the Leo Burnett Building in the first part of the epic stunt.


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Descending from the tightrope, Wallenda walked back to Marina City west through the ground to do his last and even more dangerous act: a tightrope walk to the east tower at more than 500 feet (152 meters), blindfolded.


Photo Credit: Reuters

The first part of his stunt took six minutes 52 seconds to complete the 500ft (152m)-walk above the ground – with winds blowing up to 25mph (40km/h). Consequently, he managed the next walk done in one minute 17 seconds 94ft between the two Marina City Towers.

In an interview by the Discovery Channel, which broadcast the stunt in more than 220 countries, Wallenda said, “It’s all about pushing myself to become better at what I do and hoping to inspire others to become better at what they do.”

Moreover, the Chicago Tribune said the police estimated 50,000 people who set out on Sunday to watch the epic stunt of Wallenda.

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