Someone ROBBED an Orphanage! Employees were Shocked at What the THIEF did Next

Someone ROBBED an Orphanage! Employees were Shocked at What the THIEF did Next

All the office equipment was gone. Papers strewn on the floor. Broken glass filled the entry way. This is what the shocked employees of an orphanage discovered when they arrived one Monday morning to see the place trashed.

It was hard to believe someone was so heartless to have robbed an orphanage. I mean, who would rob such a place? It is a shelter, a place for abandoned kids to live in. Surely, no one would be so mean to do this to them.

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The detective assigned to the case acted weird, though. He asked to speak with each employee privately, telling them the maintenance guy named Russel said she (the person he is talking to) possibly knows what really happened.

The surprised ladies could not believe that Russel would think this.

After the individual interview, they were escorted to the second floor to check on the damages and loss there. What happened next totally shocked the employees.

After seeing the video of this crazy but wonderful prank, I wished hard more pranks like this will be done to more orphanages and shelters – or for someone to at least replicate this prank here in the Philippines! It would surely be quite wonderful to have this ‘thief’ arrive at night to steal old equipment and come back bringing lots of new ones.

What do you think of the prank?

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