Shocking Study Shows How Much Time Workers Actually WASTE at Work

Shocking Study Shows How Much Time Workers Actually WASTE at Work

Did you know that an average worker wastes as many as 21 hours per week accessing the internet – roughly 4.2 hours per day? Out of these wasted hours, roughly 55 minutes are spent accessing Facebook.

Workers with access to the internet waste as much as 48% of their time just surfing the web.

According to the infographic prepared by Time Doctor, businesses stand to lose 40% from non-work related surfing made by their employees, yet not all businesses actually monitor internet usage.

Based on the study Time Doctor conducted, of the 64% of employees who actually monitor employee internet activity, close to half or 45% track content by using network level software while 40% actually employ someone to manually review emails sent during company time.

What’s quite shocking to learn, though is that 70% of all internet pornography traffic actually occurs during the 9 to 5 work hours in the day! Does that mean businesses are too lax in their security that workers are able to view porn in the office?

Well, Time Doctor used data from OpenDNS to gather the top 10 blacklisted websites in businesses and companies. Though social media sites top the list, the bottom portion of the list is dominated by sites offering pornography or movie/video downloads!

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The top 10 blacklisted websites are: Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Double Click, Twitter, Yahoo!, RedTube, Limewire, Pornhub, and Playboy.

It was also revealed that 7 out of 10 workers check personal email at work, with 33% of the respondents actually check their personal email at least 3 times per day!

In the survey Time Doctor made in 568 companies, 14% of the workers admitted to emailing confidential information while 6% used email to transmit confidential costumer data!

Infographic by Time Doctor

Infographic by Time Doctor

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