Saudi Man Instantly Divorces New Wife after Seeing Her Face for the FIRST TIME at Wedding

Saudi Man Instantly Divorces New Wife after Seeing Her Face for the FIRST TIME at Wedding

This surely breaks the world records for the shortest marriage ever!

What was supposed to be a night of partying and fun turned into nightmare for a bride whose husband divorced her on sight – right after the wedding!

The actual wedding ceremony had proceeded without hitch, with two exchanging their vows like they were supposed to. As was the custom, the bride wore a veil covering her face.

Photo credit: N4HR

Photo credit: N4HR

Right after the wedding, the bride and groom were asked by photographers to pose for a photo. Gamely, the two agreed to the photographer’s instructions – but when the bride lifted her veil for the photoshoot, the shocked groom could not hide his disgust upon seeing her face.

His excitement of seeing his blushing bride turned to anger because he did not like her face!

You are not the girl I had imagined. I am sorry, but I divorce you!

When she heard this, the poor bride collapsed in sorrow but the groom would not change his mind.

Arranged marriages

Arranged marriages are still a common practice in the Middle East, India, and other parts of the world. More often than not, the pair have never met each other – their parents or relatives are the ones who facilitated the marriage.

Photo credit: Alabariya

Photo credit: Alabariya

Despite many arranged marriages happening, it is rare for a groom to quickly divorce his bride.

Now, you would think they would now have to undergo a lengthy divorce process but Islam rules actually allow divorce, so it was highly likely they were also divorced that same night! Poor bride! It was pure sorrow on what should have been a wonderful wedding night to remember.

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