The Real-Life Fairy Tale: Super Typhoon Yolanda’s Extraordinary Love Team

The Real-Life Fairy Tale: Super Typhoon Yolanda’s Extraordinary Love Team

Have you heard of Houssam and Grace – Super Typhoon Yolanda’s extraordinary love team?

Theirs is a love story straight from fairy tale – a love story that was tested by the strongest forces of nature. Were they able to overcome the odds for a happy every after?

The Damsel in Distress

When Super Typhoon Yolanda slammed Central Philippines last November 2013, Merry Grace Acojedo was severely wounded and barely survived. She had plenty of wounds and bruises across her body, but especially on her face and her legs. She had a broken jaw, wrist, and fingers.

Photo credit: Mulder's World

Photo credit: Mulder’s World

With no medical treatment available in Ormoc City, Leyte, at the time because the hospitals were also badly damaged, the infections on the wounds she sustained continued to worsen. The doctors were helpless. They knew she had to be treated yet medications and equipment were not available – these were destroyed by the floods brought by the storm surge.

Within days, Grace will have to be amputated. All she could do was cry. She wanted to contact her boyfriend, yet communication lines were broken. It was just impossible to tell him she needed help.

Photo credit: Michael D Sellers

Photo credit: Michael D Sellers

Houssam Hammoudi is in Canada, 8000 miles away – and even if she can later contact him, it would surely be too late for him to aid her because by then her wounded leg would have already decayed.

In all the craziness of the events, how would he even find her, anyway? Ormoc City is a huge place. Thousands were left homeless. There were no communication lines. There was no electricity. He has not even gone there before! How would he even know where to go?

The Knight in Shining Armor

Back in Canada, when Houssam heard of the devastation sustained by Ormoc City in the news, he tried the hardest to contact Grace yet couldn’t.

Despite the impossibility of what lies ahead, a nagging feeling told him he had to go. No one told him anything, yet he felt a sense of urgency, like there was life-and-death situation he has to quickly attend to before it is too late.

Not minding what would really happen next, he sold his car and embarked on a Mission Impossible, flying to the Philippines as quickly as he could. His friends chipped in money to aid him in his journey.

Arriving just days after the typhoon hit the area, Houssam witnessed firsthand the crazy forces of nature that ravaged the place. Before arriving in Ormoc City, however, he had to bribe many people just so they would let him reach his destination.

The moment he stepped on Ormoc soil, it was a matter of frantic searching for Grace. His mission was the craziest one – after all, he does not even know whether she was alive or already among the dead strewn on the streets or floating at sea.

The Heartbreaking ‘Eyeball’

Houssam finally found Grace in a small clinic, with all her wounds, fractures, and a leg soon to be set for amputation. It was the first time they met in person. Grace certainly wanted to look her prettiest but despite the bruises and wounds on her face, she was the most beautiful woman to Houssam’s eyes.

Photo credit: Yahoo! News

Photo credit: Yahoo! News

It was not the best eyeball they could wish for, yet it was the best and most perfect time for them to meet. Houssam quickly worked his magic to bring Grace to Cebu where she was treated – and her leg was saved!

Even while she was bed-ridden, he married here in a simple ceremony in the hospital. Their heartbreaking love story captured the entire nation.

Photo credit: Tubag Bohol

Photo credit: Tubag Bohol

The Happy Ever After

Their love story did not stop there, of course. Thankfully, because of Canada’s program to help the people affected by Typhoon Yolanda, Grace and her son John were already with Houssam in Canada!

Photo credit: Facebook/Grace Acojedo

Photo credit: Facebook/Grace Acojedo

The new family are now living in Calgary, Alberta in Canada, where Houssam was able to find new work. His new job even gave him a relocation package so he could bring his family there.

The two are living a wonderful life with John, Houssam considers him as his own son.

Photo credit: Facebook/Houssam Hammoudi

Photo credit: Facebook/Houssam Hammoudi

Truly, theirs was a real-life fairy tale. Despite the near-tragedy they experienced, their love shone the brightest and they were able to achieve their happy every after.

Love truly conquers all!

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