Pinoy Group Makes a Scene at *SCAPE in Singapore

Pinoy Group Makes a Scene at *SCAPE in Singapore

A group of Filipinos make a scene at *SCAPE in Singapore, arguing over something that was not known to STOMP video uploader Andrew. He shared the clip on STOMP and the video was also uploaded on YouTube by SLF TV.

The large group of Filipinos seems to be congregating on two people clashing as they tried to hold the ladies back so they won’t hurt each other. The woman in blue was the most ferocious of the group, shouting invectives at her opponent while her group tried to restrain her. Several people who were not Filipinos tried to intervene, seemingly telling the group to disperse but it took several minutes before they finally did – but only after the woman in blue was finally separated from whoever it is she was fighting against.

Here’s the video uploaded on YouTube by SLF TV:

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