Pinay Reunited With Pet Dog Lost During Yolanda

Pinay Reunited With Pet Dog Lost During Yolanda

More than a year since Yolanda took the lives of thousands of Filipinos,  Ailyn Metran is finally reunited with her pet dog “Bunny” who got lost during the supertyphoon.

In her interview with AFP, Metran revealed that she was still hoping to see her beloved nine-year-old mongrel.

“I never lost hope. God saved Bunny from the storm surge, so why would he let her die afterwards.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Kicker Daily News

PHOTO CREDIT: Kicker Daily News

Losing Bunny

Metran and her family were among the fortunate ones spared by the tragedy that left more than 7,000 people missing or dead. Prior to the coming of Yolanda, Metrana’s family left their home in Tacloban and sought a safer haven. However, they were forced to leave their three dogs in their residence.

Two of their three dogs drowned due to the wrath of Yolanda. Bunny, on the other hand, survived the storm surge.

The aftermath of the country’s deadliest typhoon left them no choice but to leave the city without Bunny. The family left Bunny under the care of their relatives in Tacloban.

Sadly, Bunny went missing due to the chaos happening in the defaced city.

The Reunion

“We saw a dirty stray dog that looked like her. I called out her name and she came, asking to be cradled.”

This was how Metran described her heartwarming reunion with Bunny which happened last month.

She and her husband found Bunny scavenging a trash can in Tacloban City.

In her letter to PAWS she said: “We still can’t believe it it’s really her [because] she was sooo dirty, sooo skinny, dehydrated, and don’t wag her tail at all…but as I repeatedly call her name, she also repeatedly jumped at me. My husband told me to compare her pictures in my cellphone and check for marks to validate/confirm if it’s really her. My heart really beats faster, my hands were shaking as I was searching for her pics in my cellphone, and yes! We proved that it’s really her. We decided to bring her back home by riding a tricycle instead of jeepney.”

Perhaps it was fate that brought them back together.

Yolanda has left thousands of Filipinos in despair, but Metran and Bunny’s story sparks hope that there’s a rainbow after the rain.

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