Notorious inmate lures prison guards with diamond rings, impregnates them

Notorious inmate lures prison guards with diamond rings, impregnates them

BALTIMORE, Maryland — Notorious inmate Tavon White lured four prison guards with diamonds and other luxuries, and impregnates them while serving a 20 year sentence for attempted murder.

Notorious Kingpin Tavon White of Black Guerilla Family Gang

White, who is considered a “Kingpin” inside the Baltimore City Detention Centre, made thousands of dollars while in jail by smuggling drugs and cellphones according to a report from CBS News. About 25 people were involved in the illegal act , which involves 13 female prison guards. They are now facing charges and have already been suspended from their posts.

White, who considers himself, the “law”, is the ringleader of the Black Guerilla Family gang. Aside from selling drugs and cellphones to inmates, the group has also been holding power over the detention center, which involved sex among the inmates and the prison guards.

Among the female prison guards were Tiffany Linder, Jennifer Owens, Chania Brooks and Katera Stevenson. They all got pregnant by White, who actually lavished them with diamond rings and luxury cars.  It was also found that Owens and Stevenson even had tattoos of White’s first name “Tavon”.

White lavished the prison guards with luxury cars and diamond rings to lure them into having sexual relationships with him

White, who is facing several charges involving drugs and money laundering, has already pleaded guilty.




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