“Mommy Shot”; Three-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Mom Dead Inside Their Home

“Mommy Shot”; Three-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Mom Dead Inside Their Home

Tulsa, Oklahoma – 26-year-old Christa Engles was shot dead in the head by her 3-year-old son.

According to reports, the young mother was changing her 1-year-old daughter’s diaper when her son found a semi-automatic handgun under the sofa, Monday evening.

No one was with them in the house when the tragic incident happened.

Sgt. Dave Walker said, the victim’s mother arrived home and found Christa in front of the room of the house “as if changing the 1-year-old’s diaper.” She added that the two children were covered in blood. “There was a holster on a table right (by) where she would have been changing the diaper,” he said.

The U.S. Army Reserve specialist was rushed to the hospital but later died.

Christa’s husband, Brian, a truck driver, arrived home hours after the shooting. He was only able to verify his wife’s death after repeatedly calling the hospital.

Sgt. Walker said “We think this is a horrible, horrible accident. The neighbors, family, co-workers, and church family quickly gathered around this family in support of them during this terrible time.”


Meanwhile, as the young boy was taken for an interview by specialist officers, he repeatedly said, “Mummy, shot.”

Investigators’ assumptions were confirmed when the boy-the only witness to the incident was interviewed by a child specialist.

Brian took to Facebook his feelings to the incident saying, “I know you loved me, I worship the ground you walked on. I am the luckiest man alive, to have been able to love you. Since the day I met you, you have been the best part of me. I love you Precious Angel.”

Today, the boy and his sister had been transferred over to their family members.

“Any child who is dealing with that type of trauma is going to have fears at times and anxiety,” says Child Abuse Network Managing Director Rose Turner. She added that it can be expressed in extreme anger or depression because the child does not know how to deal with the feeling of loss.

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