Mom Arrested Over FB Pic of Child Hanging On Hook, Charged With Child Abuse

Mom Arrested Over FB Pic of Child Hanging On Hook, Charged With Child Abuse

photo from onenewspage

photo from onenewspage

Virginia – Alexis Breeden was arrested and charged with felony child abuse last week after a photo of her 1-year-old son hanging from a hook went viral on Facebook.

18-year-old Anthony Welch, the child’s father who does not live with Breeden and his son, was the person who posted the photo on social media following an argument with Breeden.

Captioned with, “Everybody think that alexis is a good mom this is what she sent me. tell me wat the fuk yall think (sic),” the photo shows the 14-month-old toddler was hanging from a hook by his shirt in the wall. According to reports, the boy’s face looked distressed when the photo was taken.

Netizens who saw the Facebook picture alarmed the Spotsylvania Sheriff office after which the deputies went to Breeden’s home to investigate.

“The child was absolutely fine”, according to Sgt. James Konicki.

The photo was “a joke” and the child laughing, Breeden told CBS 6.

Today, the 18-year-old mother has bonded out of jail. She can spend time with her son as long as another person is present, Huffington Post reports.

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