Meet the Planet’s Poorest President

Meet the Planet’s Poorest President

In a world where line between politics and corruption is as blurry as the snow sighting in the Philippines, someone-somewhere has stood out.

The republic’s 40th President,  José Alberto “Pepe” Mujica Cordano is not your everyday politician.  Tagged as “the world’s ‘humblest’ and ‘poorest’ due to his self-denying  lifestyle and for his unbelievable offering of his $12,000 (£7,500) monthly salary.  While other leaders in the high office pocket more of what they are supposed to be getting, his were almost given away. 90% of this man’s  hard-earned went straight to charities that benefit the destitutes and small entrepreneurs.  A jaw-droping pledge enough to guilty, (if not to shame) his counterparts.


house in farmhouse

A practice of humility at it’s best. He chose a worn-out house over more a privileged life in the Palace.

In the shadow of Robin Hood,
Like the  legendary English outlaw of the 12th century whose noted for his exceptional bravery, chivalry, and practice of robbing the rich to aid the poor, he too was a guerilla fighter prior to his presidency.  Till date,  he remain an active part of the country’s left-wing parties.


Old mugshot of then bandit turned-president Cordano

In his heyday, their group iterally plunder abusive banks, gun clubs, and other illegal businesses in support  of the city’s poorest and society’s neglected. He kept the faith that his purpose was not in gaining money, but to provide wellbeing to his country and people.  For such  action, he was placed behind bars twice in 14 years and was shot 6 times after attempting  to flee.


Seen here in a ramshacle farm owned by his wife. They cultivate and sell chrysanthemum flowers for a living.

A blue-blooded Farmer & Vegan: Growing vegetables for his food made up his free time.

His only prized possession. He prefer his outdated 1987 blue Volkswagen Beetle as mode of transport.

In November 2014, the Uruguayan newspaper Búsqueda reported that affluent Arab Sheiks had offered him $1 million for the aging car of his that could make him buy ten posh new cars. Nevertheless, he said that if he did get $1m for the car it would be donated to a homeless through a charity that he willfully supports.


Criticized for his lenient postures and style of clothing: He put more value on what matters most in life


Fearless: While other top leader struts around with armed bodyguards in tow, he is commonly seen being accompanied by a dog.


To payless: a barber’s haircut @home would make him pay a little.


A true-blue man of the masses whose genuine uprightness cannot be bought.


A Life Story in the making,

Baffled on the thought of how the country’s No. 1 leader  had kept his foot rooted in the ground, and managed to  shun the temptation of greed & riches with flying colors through all those testing years in power, the renowned Serbian film director Emir Kusturica fell in love with his story and shot a documentary film  dubbed as “the last hero of politics”.


If other so-called honorable government leaders of today and of tomorrow could have at least, trail a few of his footsteps, and a little of his HONESTY & INTEGRITY, perhaps (just perhaps) this planet will be a better place to live – especially for the poor.

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