Mark Zuckerberg Reveals What’s Next for Facebook – Up to 10 Years in the Future

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals What’s Next for Facebook – Up to 10 Years in the Future

You just have to admire Facebook’s staying power as one of the top social media platforms across the world. Remember how we had other social media sites in the past, which could never surpass or even match what Facebook has achieved? There are new sites that pop up every now and then, yet no matter how people say they hate Facebook, the social media site is still there – and getting stronger with each new update.

Still, Mark Zuckerberg is a visionary who understands that in the same way other sites died down in the past because of novel sites like Facebook had been when it started, death comes to those sites who do not keep up with the trends.

Photo credit: Sohu

Photo credit: Sohu

So, he continues to create updates to improve the site – remember how we sometimes hate or love the new updates? Well, that’s just part of the evolution Facebook is undergoing to move the site across the times, to keep up with the trends. You see, despite us ‘hating’ some of the updates, there are still many that made the site even more useful for most users.

The 3-year Goals

According to Zuckerberg, 700 million people now use Facebook Groups every month while 864 million use Facebook every day.

He wants

  • to ensure that these users are pleased with the content they are getting from Facebook
  • to connect these people with businesses, via improved ad targeting
  • to improve revenues for businesses by creating more interactions
  • to help reduce low quality content
  • to improve targeting to show more timely and relevant content [this is why you now have the option to view Top Stories vs Recent Stories on your News Feed]
  • to help brands measure online to offline sales conversions
  • to encourage brands to invest more in ads on Facebook [studies show brands only allocate 11% ad budget on mobile]
  • to improve Facebook’s video platform
  • to improve connection with various apps, including Instagram

The 5-year Goals

Over the next 5 years, Zuckerberg wants

  • to connect various Facebook-owned apps like Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Search
  • to improve the Messenger and WhatsApp
  • to make Facebook a cross-platform platform for developers
  • to continue the adoption of App Links for mobile apps

The 10-year Goals

There is a need for long-term plans to make sure Facebook is able to keep up with the trends and continue being one of the top and most-used social media platforms across the world.


Over the next 10 years, Zuckerberg wants

  • to bring the internet to more people through [this was already launched, with free data offered to Zambia]
  • to build the next major computing platform, which could include augmented (virtual) reality and Oculus

I am actually quite excited about the plan for Facebook to incorporate virtual reality in the future – that’s so sci-fi, right?

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