Man Undergoes Sex Change Then Goes Back to Being a Man For His Dying Dad

Man Undergoes Sex Change Then Goes Back to Being a Man For His Dying Dad

“The only thing that is constant is change.”

The famous verse by Heraclitus is probably the mantra of Mark Marzo, a man who underwent so many big changes in his life.

A self-proclaimed gay since birth, Mark had a sex change operation to become a female. However, because of his dying father’s wish to have a grandson with him, Mark needed to give up the ‘big change” and return to being male.

Despite his sexual preference, Mark, the youngest of the 13 Marzo kids, was his father’s favorite. Growing up, Marzo was fortunate to have the acceptance of his family.

However, his parents weren’t able to support all 13 children so Mark was sent to live with his aunt who showered him unconditional love.

The Big Change

Because Mark had the inclination to entertain since childhood, he decided to work as a Mama-san in a gay bar in Japan in 1989.

Eventually, Mark earned enough money in order to have a sex change operation.



Although Mark’s dream of becoming a woman has turned into reality, he encountered hardships after his transition. Aside from the negative effects of the operation such as memory loss and loss of strength, Mark didn’t have a stable job at that time. He even overstayed for a year in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Finding Love in Japan

Mark fell in love with three Japanese men during his stay in Japan.

His relationship with Yugi Narazaki, whom he married, turned out to be short-lived as the Japanese man only used Mark to pay off his debts. He changed his name to Maria Corazon Marzo in order to be married to Yugi.

Maria Corazon eventually gave love a second chance when she started a relationship with Toru Arukawa. Unfortunately, Toru turned out to be a Yakuza who forced Maria Corazon to sell drugs. He was also physically abusive of her.

Finally, Maria Corazon met a man named Michiko. She finally found happiness with her third boyfriend but her life was about to take a 360-degrees turn.

A Dying Father’s Wish

The impossible happened: her terminally-ill father requested Maria Corazon to give him a granchild.

Surprisingly, Maria Corazon agreed to grant her father’s wish and had a sex reversal.

Now Mark again, he sought the help of  Sheryl Ocampo, a friend and co-worker, who agreed to get pregnant via in vitro fertilization.

In 2001, their son Andrei was born.

Now a teenager, Andrei has little idea of Mark’s past. According to him, he has no plans of revealing details about his sex change, but he has already prepared himself should Andrei discover it in the future.

Currently, Mark, who works as an area-manager of a salon in Ortigas, is not dating anyone as he is focused on his career.

Mark’s unbelievable story will be featured in GMA 7’s Magpakailanman on Saturday, 7pm.

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