Man Proposes to Girlfriend with 99 NEW iPhones – You’ll be Shocked at Her Answer!

Man Proposes to Girlfriend with 99 NEW iPhones – You’ll be Shocked at Her Answer!

In a bid to have a very unique (and expensive!) proposal, a young programmer purchased 99 new iPhones – of course, they had all to be iPhone 6!

He lovingly arranged these iPhones in the form of a heart on the pavement of a public place for the best effect. After all, public proposals are the “in” thing these days. Plus, what better way to celebrate a great love than to have a very public proposal, right?

Photo credit: e-online

Photo credit: e-online

When his lady love appeared at the designated spot, she gamely entered the heart and listened to what he had to say. The excited crowd waited, preparing to cheer as hard as they could when she says, “yes!”

Much to their shock, however, the lovely woman said a very resounding, “no!”

Photo credit: That's Mag

Photo credit: That’s Mag

So, what’s the guy going to do with the 99 iPhones now?

Netizens who found the picture on Chinese social media site Weibo had plenty of suggestions, including selling those at rock-bottom prices so he could get rid of them in the fastest way possible. After all, seeing just one of those iPhones would surely remind him of how his girlfriend rejected him, right?

Now, we have a question for you all.

For guys, how much are you willing to spend to create the most unique proposal?

For girls, does the amount of money and the effort your guy placed on the proposal really matter?

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