Man jumps on dead whale SURROUNDED by sharks!

Man jumps on dead whale SURROUNDED by sharks!

What would you do if you see a dead whale floating in the ocean? Jump on it, of course! Well, others with a sane mind would not dare do that but Harrison Williams is different from most people. This year’s Darwin Awards should really go to him.

The Australian man was out in the sea, off the Western Coast of Australia, with some friends when they spotted the dead whale floating. One of Williams’ friends joked how it would really be funny to ride a whale, even one that is dead.

Williams took it as a dare, quickly jumping into the water to climb on top of the whale. His friends had the camera at a ready to record the moment for posterity.

Photo credit: YouTube

Photo credit: YouTube

To their horror, however, they soon realized the dead whale was surrounded by several sharks, which were feeding on the carcass from its bottom side! A report on Kicker Daily mentioned that they even noticed at least one great white shark among the predators feeding on the carcass.

Quickly, Williams’ friends on the boat initiated a rescue mission to get him off the dead whale before he slips off the whale to the waiting jaws of the sharks or they begin to take notice of him and the boat full of people.

The footage was later aired on local TV, angering Williams’ parents. He later admitted that his father was not proud of what he did while his mom called him an idiot.

It seems that no one praised him for the stunt, except for his friends perhaps, because Tony Cappelluti, regional manager of the Department of Fisheries, expressed his dismay over Williams’ actions. According to Cappelluti, not only did Williams placed his life in danger, he could also have caused ‘critical consequences’ to his friends who rescued him off the whale.

Watch the Darwin moment here: 

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