Local Fishermen Caught Huge Shark With Half-Digested Human Remains Inside Its Belly

Local Fishermen Caught Huge Shark With Half-Digested Human Remains Inside Its Belly

At around 10PM on Wednesday last week, a huge  tigershark containing a half-digested human head and leg was caught by a group of fishermen in the waters between Bohol and Camiguin islands.

48-year-old Bodoy Gorgod, one of the fishermen from Punta Bilar, said the stench was so disgusting they were not able to bear it. He added that in his 28 years of fishing, this was his first time to catch a shark with human parts inside.

Even though they knew the huge catch would give them a great market price, they chose to drop it, along with the human remains, back to the sea fearing that it may bring them bad luck. The only fish parts they did not throw away were the head and the fins.

After they got rid of the big shark, they were able to catch a smaller one weighing only 42 kilos, which they took home.

The day after, while the group was sun-drying the jaw of the big shark, one of the fishermen’s spouses ordered for it to be put away as well fearing the soul of the victim might visit them at night.

According to Jake Miranda of Surigao Dive Club, the tigershark could weigh at least 600 kilos, based on its 17 inches jaw and 1.25 inches tooth length. It could have been a 12.5-footer shark with a girth of 90 inches.

Local folks believed the human remains may be from one of the missing passengers of the M/V Maharlika 2 ferry, which sank last September 13 in Leyte.

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