Korea’s Latest Trend: Pubic Hair Implants for Women

Korea’s Latest Trend: Pubic Hair Implants for Women

Reported straight from Refinery 29’s archives, Korea latest trend these days: Pubic Hair Implants for Women. This thing proved itself viral as women are reportedly getting implants.

In countries like Korea, which having pubic hair is considered a sign of fertility and sexual desirability, Korean women who are suffering from “pubic atrichosis,” a condition which is most described as the “less-than-bushy nether gardens” are the serious main takers of the implant to grow their pubes, according to the reports.

The nonprofit International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery says that pubic hair loss is more common in East Asian women than in women of other lineage. They say pubic transplants as mainly a self-esteem booster on its own for the women.

In the pubic hair transplant which costs around $2,000, a narrow portion of scalp with the hair “bulbs” attached into it is implanted into the pubic area in a procedure that lasts from two to four hours per session. In the process, the surgeon will divide the pubic hair follicles evenly throughout the pubic area.

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When women almost around the world like to bare soft pubic regions, all of a sudden we see this fascinating trend where women even pay just to grow theirs. What can you say about this?

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