“I couldn’t believe it”; Woman Finds Hairy Spider Inside McDonald’s Burger

“I couldn’t believe it”; Woman Finds Hairy Spider Inside McDonald’s Burger

Russia – A McDonald’s customer was appalled after discovering a hairy spider inside her Big N’ Tasty burger with fries.

Juliana Ulyanova said she ordered the food item at a McDonald’s branch in Europark Shopping Centre in Arkhangelsk.

Together with her friend Daria Tretiakova, the 22-year-old customer took home the burger and both of them were surprised to see this black eight-legged insect hidden in lettuce.

Juliana said,

I was just going to take a bite when Daria screamed and pointed at my burger. There sitting on a piece of cheese and partially hidden by some lettuce was this horrible black spider. Although it was smaller than my finger nail, it wasn’t much smaller and it was pitch black and fat like a hairy olive.I couldn’t believe it.

They decided to take a photo of the spider as evidence before heading to McDonald’s to complain and demand a refund.

According to a Global Grind, McDonald’s Europe hasn’t yet released a statement on the issue.

A few months ago, 4 McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow ceased operating because of “sanitary violations”. The Russian consumer watchdog said they will inspect other McDonald’s outlets across the country.

McDonald’s released a statement saying the company was looking into the watchdog’s complaints to “determine the actions necessary to open our restaurants to customers as soon as possible”.

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