The Heartbreaking “Wedding in Heaven” of a Couple Who Died in an Accident

The Heartbreaking “Wedding in Heaven” of a Couple Who Died in an Accident

When lovers Katreena “Kat” Alexandra Yara, 22, and Julio “Junior” Nava Jr., 23, died in a motorcycle accident, their respective families were devastated but wanted to make sure the two will be happy together, even in the afterlife.

So, they arranged for the most bizarre wedding of all: the sacred union of two dead people.

The Wedding in Heaven

According to Kat’s friend, the owner of, the couple had plans to get married, though they had not set a date yet.

Friends and family planned the “wedding in heaven” for the couple, arranging for a priest to officiate the marriage and bless them as man and wife. The bizarre wedding happened last November 22 at 5 PM.

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The blogger detailed how the wake was turned into a bittersweet event as friends and family met each other and spoke about this awesome couple whose union they are celebrating. It was, of course, also heartbreaking for them all as they imagined how the two would have looked on their “real” wedding.

Borrowed Time

The two reportedly met in high school, though they did not immediately become a couple. Junior is the class playboy while Kat was the shy, charming type. But remember that opposites attract. They soon enjoyed each other’s company despite some minor setbacks that made Kat’s favorite song the theme song of their love affair: Cueshe’s “Borrowed Time”.

The couple soon enjoyed 8 wonderful years together. A report on ABS-CBN News revealed that Kat was planning to take up medicine but was already working as a pharmacist at the Iloilo St. Paul’s Hospital in Mandurriao, Iloilo.

Meanwhile, Junior was scheduled to leave the country as a seafarer last November 17 but had visa issues.

It was, thus, doubly heartbreaking for the family when the two met the fatal accident a day after Junior was supposed to leave. Both families are crying for justice against Andrei Misajon, the driver of the van that killed them on November 18. Misajon was able to post bail, much to the family’s dismay.

To ease their pain a bit and to honor the couple, they held the wake together but the two will be buried separately. The ABS-CBN News mentioned Junior will be interred on December 7 while Kat will be brought to their hometown in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, for interment on December 14.

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