Groom Cancels Wedding after Bride Pranks Him by Arriving 50 YEARS OLDER

Groom Cancels Wedding after Bride Pranks Him by Arriving 50 YEARS OLDER

The excited groom was not amused when his beautiful bride pranks him by arriving looking 50 years older. Qing Kao, 26, pranked her groom by adding grey streaks to her hair and using make-up to look old.

Guo Chien, the groom, did not get the joke, however. The prank sparked a very public shouting match where the groom repeatedly told the now-crying bride to go home and wash off the offending make-up.

Because Kao still wanted to at least have some photographs taken of them together, while she looked old, the angry groom marched off. He hailed a passing taxi and sped off, without giving time for the bride to change to her real attire and look her beautiful self again.

Shocked by her groom’s reaction, the bride slumped on the sidewalk and cried her heart out. Chien did not come back, even when Kao waited for several minutes. So, she also took a taxi for home, all by herself.

It was not known why there were no relatives or other people to help the bride, but they were probably planning a civil ceremony at a judge’s office before the groom stormed off in anger over the prank.

According to Mirror UK, the bride and groom have not yet spoken with each other again. There was also no news whether they still planned to continue with their wedding plans.

So, to brides-to-be out there, never ever try to prank your groom with something as crazy as this – not on the day of your wedding, anyway.

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