Girlfriend Drives Car Over Her Boyfriend’s PS3; Hopes He Realizes His Addiction To Video Games

Girlfriend Drives Car Over Her Boyfriend’s PS3; Hopes He Realizes His Addiction To Video Games

Recently, a video surfaced on YouTube under a username Joe F-ing Brown. The 2-minute 36-second video shows a woman holding a note beside a PlayStation 3  that says,

I love you, but your life has been taken over. You have an addiction, and I know that deep down inside, you know what it is. I am sorry for being forced to do this, but I can’t live like this. I filmed all of this, so that my actions might not be in complete vain. I hope you forgive me, and I hope that you would realize that you are addicted to video games.

The girl then placed the game console under the wheel of her car and she ran over it.


She did not stop there. She picked up the PS3 and throw it a few times on the pavement.

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Then, she put the broken PS3 in a box and placed it outside the house for his boyfriend to see.


After a while, a guy was seen picking the Playstation. Obviously upset by what happened to his game console, he shouts, “three times this has happened!”

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The video footage was captioned, “Angry “Ex” Drive Car over Play Station is self explanatory, and I really can’t say to much about this because I am still p—d off.”

One user left a comment saying, “I do not think her boyfriend is addicted to video games. I do think shes a trouble maker trying to torture her boyfriend.”

Another user said, that what the girl did was uncalled for. ” If his obsession with his PS3 bothered me that much I would’ve just left him. His addiction to video games is HIS problem-not hers. Why would you stay with a guy who neglects you for a video game? As for the guy, I don’t know if he really does have an addiction or not but, why would you stay with a girl who has destroyed your property no once but twice? If she doesn’t respect your property, she obviously doesn’t respect you”

As of writing, the video gained 808,102 views with 521 likes and 1,828 dislikes.

What can you say about this? Do you think what the girl did was totally reasonable?

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