Who is the Filipino Politician Who Will Soon Drive a P190M La Ferrari?

Who is the Filipino Politician Who Will Soon Drive a P190M La Ferrari?

Clue: He’s a powerful politician from the North. 

Considered as the fastest and most powerful Ferrari production car, the extremely limited-edition supercar LaFerrari will soon be owned by a Pinoy politico, according to a report by Inquirer.

With an estimated price of P76 million or $1.69 million not including taxes and shipping fee, the total cost of La Ferrari will amount to P190 million if VAT, ad valorem tax, and applicable customs duty are put into consideration.



But not anyone with moolah can own Ferrari’s most ambitious road car project. In order for someone to purchase the new Ferrari, you must be a serious collector of the car series.

The report revealed that the mystery owner has at least five Ferrari cars so he’s qualified to drive the ultra-luxury car which has a top speed of more than 350 kph.

In addition, only 499 units of Ferrari’s first supercar were produced. Just how lucky is this Pinoy politician to grab one unit of the super rare luxury car.

It’s only a matter of time before the La Ferrari unit arrives in the Philippines and put in one of the country’s economic zones.

According to the report, although we already have an idea given the clue about the mysterious owner, the identity of the real owner may blow us away.

Who’s your guess?

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