FB User Drew Netizens’ Ire For ‘Locking Cat In Cage And Putting It In Bath’ Because It Ate Her Pizza

FB User Drew Netizens’ Ire For ‘Locking Cat In Cage And Putting It In Bath’ Because It Ate Her Pizza

“Ignorant, cruel and subhuman,” these are the words from netizens to a Facebook user from  Swansea, South Wales after she posted a foul-mouthed status update that reads, ‘Can’t believe my f***ing cat ate a £15 pizza fat c*** I’m livid I been looking forward to that all day like! My pussy will be getting wet tonight let me tell you! Little c***! Who’s having a few cans???’

Just below the status, a photo of a pet carrier submerged in a bath tub was attached alongside a written caption, ‘Have a bath to go with your pizza u fat slag.’


photo from The DailyMail

Comments from outraged netizens started pouring in.


The post which was later removed was screen-grabbed by fuming social media users and forwarded to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)

An online petition was signed by more than 3,000 people to have the cat’s owner investigated by animal rights authorities. It says, “If you carefully look at the photo, you can’t actually see the cat taking a bath, which technically means there is no actual evidence. In a Facebook post published yesterday, she claims she did not put down her cat and criticized animal lovers for attacking her. I am personally not making any accusations – it might all prove to be one big fat joke. But if this is true, this incident is unacceptable. At this point, details are rather scarce, so by this petition I am urging the RSPCA to intervene and launch an investigation into this matter as soon as possible.We want answers and we want to find out if the cat is okay!”

The woman later posted on her Facebook that she was visited by the police and RSPCA, “Animal inspection check was tip top so go find something else to do with your pathetic lives!!!” She also added, “Like I’ve said before my 3 animals are more well looked after than your pathetic lives!!!” pointing to people who bashed her on social media.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from RSPCA said, “We can confirm that we were alerted to a photograph on Facebook which appears to show a cat being placed in to a travel basket and put in to a bath of water as a form of punishment. Our inspectors have investigated the matter and checked the cat’s welfare. They have also spoken to the person involved in the incident and given them advice. We are grateful to the members of the public who brought this matter to our attention and we would like to reassure people that the cat involved in the incident was, thankfully, unharmed. We would strongly advise against reprimanding any animal and the RSPCA believes the best form of training is through positive reinforcement.”


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