“Facebook at Work” Will be Available Soon!

“Facebook at Work” Will be Available Soon!

Is Facebook blocked at your workplace? Well, that could soon change when the social media giant releases its “Facebook at Work” version.

Many offices in the corporate and manufacturing world have blocked Facebook because the social media has been linked to a decrease in productivity among workers who find themselves too engrossed with posting and checking out status messages of their friends, leaving them too distracted to work efficiently.

Photo credit: Entrepreneur Sky

Photo credit: Entrepreneur Sky

So, why do you think Facebook at Work will become a popular choice among offices?

To date, Facebook has not released the official version of Facebook at Work. There are no confirmed details regarding the version but sources from inside the social media giant claimed this option will make work accounts separate from personal accounts.

Facebook at Work available only for Work!

So, technically, workers will only be able to use the work account at work but could not access the personal one, if the company chooses to continue blocking the ‘regular’ Facebook site.

What can workers do with Facebook at Work, then?

Photo credit: Facebook Insider

Photo credit: Facebook Insider

The workplace-friendly Facebook version aims to step up to competition such as Google Drive, Yammer, and Microsoft Outlook. Co-workers can send messages to each other via the social media site, instead of using the usual options. It is also possible to collaborate on stuff together, much like Google Drive.

Of course, Facebook is expected to offer something better than the ones already available and being used by companies these days. After all, it has to offer something tempting enough for the companies to jump ship.

We expect that Facebook has been using this type of system in their offices, to check how effective this can be in terms of messaging or sharing files and collaborating with different colleagues on a certain project.

Reportedly, the site will be similar in appearance to the regular Facebook. Workers might even find a work around (though I doubt that!) so they can access their personal account because it would look similar to the work account in appearance.

So, is it true? Well, similar rumors have been circulating in the past, yet there are still no announcements from the social media company if they are planning to offer this version anytime soon.

If the rumors were true, companies will be able to use Facebook at Work for free – at least, for the time being.

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