Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Will Answer your Questions in his First “Community Q&A”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Will Answer your Questions in his First “Community Q&A”

Finally, Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is giving you a chance to ask him anything in his first public “Community Q&A” on November 6.

Inspired by their tradition in Facebook wherein his employees can ask him anything, Zuckerberg will be answering some queries submitted to his “Q&A With Mark” Facebook Page”.

In his announcement he wrote:

We have a tradition at Facebook, where every Friday we have a Q&A and all employees can come and ask me questions about anything they want.

It’s an important part of Facebook’s culture. People ask thoughtful questions about why our company is going in certain directions, what I think about things happening in the world, and how we can continue improving our services for everyone. I learn a lot from these Q&As, and the questions people ask help us build better services.

Now I want to extend this tradition to our whole community. On Thursday, November 6, I’ll host our first community Q&A at Facebook.

Popular Questions

With almost 5,000 questions as of writing and only one hour for the live session, Zuckerberg will not be able to answer everything but you can actually vote for the questions you want answered by liking it.

Photo Credit:http://www.bandwidthblog.com/2014/10/31/ask-mark-zuckerberg-anything-in-his-first-qa/

Photo Credit:http://www.bandwidthblog.com/2014/10/31/ask-mark-zuckerberg-anything-in-his-first-qa/

Here are some of the popular questions:

  • “Why you forced us to install Facebook messenger?”
  • “What’s your favourite feature Facebook developed but didn’t release?”
  • “What beer were you drinking when you created Facebook?This is a MUST know.”
  • “How much time do you spend on Facebook yourself on an average day?”
  • “When u gonna introduce the dislike button ?”

Make sure to leave your burning questions for the social media giant by leaving it as a comment on the Event page.


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