‘It was crazy! She looked just like me!’ said by a surprised  Facebook User who found her twin through social media

‘It was crazy! She looked just like me!’ said by a surprised Facebook User who found her twin through social media

parent trapOn their “The Parent Trap” life:

Lindsay Lohan all over again on a real life story of a girl who unexpectedly found her twin sister on Facebook, like in the movie “The Parent Trap” where twins got separated, one lived in America  and the other in England; eventually met in a summer camp. The real life twins were separated at birth through adoption in South Korea. They had no idea they were twins until the chance came through social media.

How it all started:

Anais Bordier, one of the twins received a Youtube screen shot of her other twin, Samantha Futerman from a friend. She thought it was a video of herself but realized she was a  mere stranger from America. She couldn’t find the name until she saw another video of her from the movie trailer, “21 and over”. She searched her on Facebook started stalking her, couldn’t believe what she found out. 

Over the next year, Anaïs traveled to Los Angeles to visit Samantha for two weeks.

My blood pressure dropped and my eyes opened as wide as they physically could on her date and place of birth: South Korea. – Anais Bordier

Their Timeline:

Both of them were born on the 19th of November 1987 in Busan, South Korea. They were put in foster care and got adopted separately. Neither of their birth record say they have a twin. Bordier was raised in Paris. She studied textiles at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in France and Fashion Design at Central & Design in London. She now works as a Designer for Geral Darel in Paris. Whereas, Futerman was raised in Verona, New Jersey. She studied Theatre Arts and Anthropology at Boston University. She now pursues her acting career in Los Angeles, California. She was part of the movies “Memoirs of a Geisha,” “21 and Over” and “The Motel.”


First Communication:

Realizing they have the same birthday, same birthplace, were adopted in South Korea and have the same looks,  Bordier took all her courage to send a friend request and messaged her via Facebook. Futerman was surprised to receive the message which seemed to be from herself.  She replied after a few days and everything happened unusually.

Their Skype Day: 

After a long conversation on Facebook, five days later they knew they had to talk so they arranged a date for a video call. Then at the first sight on Skype, Bordier explained her problems with internet connection but Futerman replied with “Oh my God, you’re European!” Their giggles were the cue for deeper bond between them.  The 90 minutes plan on Skype turned out to be a three-hour marathon call. Their conversation was mostly about their experiences growing up.

The Meet Up: 

Aside from the obvious, they had no proof they were related. Even so, The Futerman family flew to London to meet the Bordier family for the very first time in 2013.  Chatting for months did not change the feeling of nervousness for meeting in person which they felt was very strange so Bordier just poked her.

Long Distance Relationship:

Like other LDR, where phones or computers are their best friends to be able to communicate. The twins always keep in touch, sending text messages, checking each other out and chatting about anything and everything. They knew that LDR is difficult for anyone so they make sure to meet often as Futerman puts in an interview, “I don’t think I could go any longer than four months without seeing her” .  They could not get enough, feeling obsessed with each other.

This entire experience has expanded and opened my mind to accept whatever happens. It has also taught me that family is so much more than I had ever expected. The definition of family is constantly being redefined, and that is thrilling! – Samantha Futerman

The Bond:

As they try to squeeze in years of catching up, they start getting to know by visiting one another’s hometown. After Futerman visited London, soon enough Bordier came to LA to see her. They also explored their homeland in South Korea and attended a conference for  Korean adoptees from across the globe. From then on, they celebrate every important days together such as birthdays in London and thanksgiving in the States.  The twins learned a great deal of differences, similarities and understanding even without talking. They have this unexplainable joy, waking up facing the world knowing there are two of them.

This past year has broadened my mind and has showed me how exciting life really is. I must always be ready for the unexpected. It reminds me that remarkable, true, stories happen every single day. – Anais Bordier

Present time: 

Apparently, it has been an amazing experience for the twins. In a short time span, they already know a lot about every bits of them, that there is a need to share this experience with a cause. Hoping to release a documentary and a book in 2015, they want to show people how it all started, details on their DNA test, first meeting and a lot more of the twins.  Since Futerman’s life has been in the entertainment industry, her friends encouraged her to record important events like their first Skype video call or meeting, all included in the film, wanting to reach out for awareness and for people who are in the similar situation. She has also founded Kindred, a foundation to help international and domestic adoptees and their family.

It inspired us to become something bigger than just ourselves and to share our story for a reason- Samantha Futerman

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