Cebuano Michael Bolton “Bunot” will be a Guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Cebuano Michael Bolton “Bunot” will be a Guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

It is exciting how another Filipino is making his way to stardom by allegedly receiving a guesting request on no less than the popular talk show, the Ellen DeGeneres show in the US, says

“Bunot” is the newest YouTube sensation who would make you feel proud to be Pinoy. He’s got the voice of crooner, Michael Bolton that I had to watch his videos several times just to check whether it was really his voice on the microphone or he was just trying to lipsync to the music.

I am no expert on lipsynching but I believe this one is a true-blue singer.

Just excuse his, errrr, costume. He was not prepared for the show because the videos were actually just “stolen shots” by a friend who believed this man had talent and could make it big someday.

The videos were posted on YouTube…and voila! Bunot became YouTube’s newest local star.

Now that he is being invited on Ellen’s show, we know Bunot will show the world how talented he is. We hope Ellen would also bring Michael on the show, so the two can meet each other.

Watch the videos so you could check out for yourself whether Bunot is the real deal or whether he’s just lip synching perfectly to the music.


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