Bad Santa Robs Local Post Office, Caught on CCTV

Bad Santa Robs Local Post Office, Caught on CCTV

Australia – A man dressed in Santa Claus was caught on CCTV robbing a local post office in Melbourne.

People thought he was going to give treats when he entered the post office around 11:30AM, on Saturday. Instead he demanded money from a female staff worker.

The footage shows the suspect filling his sack with cash before fleeing the scene in a cream-colored Jeep with stolen license plates.


No one was reportedly hurt in the incident, according to investigators, and the man did not appear to have any weapon.

Local police said the bad Santa is without a doubt on their naughty list.

This kind of incident where robbers use Santa’s costume to hold up a business establishment has been going on for quite some time.

Last year, a robber disguised himself as St. Nick robbed a Florida bank by threatening to hurt the teller with a gift-wrapped box.

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