13-Year-Old Boy Rapes Classmate In School After Sex Ed Class, Says He Wanted To Try It

13-Year-Old Boy Rapes Classmate In School After Sex Ed Class, Says He Wanted To Try It

A 13-year-old boy raped his female classmate shortly after their sex education class, two years ago.

According to reports, the teenager led the girl in an isolated area of Welsh secondary school grounds. The boy then asked if she wanted to ‘try sex.’  Despite the young girl’s protests, he pinned her down and raped her, heard the Dolgellau Youth Court, North Wales.

After the assault, the boy told the victim, “you can go now.”

The sex attack was only discovered a year later after the incident when the victim told the school nurse about the rape.

Education officials, together with the police force and other agencies are investigating on the case to find out if “there are any lessons to be learnt” in the sex education subject in the area. “Safeguarding the welfare of the county’s children is a key priority for Gwynedd Council and our partners. When an allegation is presented to us that a young person may have been the victim of a crime, we have detailed processes in place that are then followed in accordance with the relevant all-Wales child protection procedures,” says a spokesperson from Gwynedd Council.

The suspect already transferred to another county, and now lives in a foster care. He was placed under a 12-month referral order and he is obliged to sign the sexual offenders list for 30 months. In addition, he has to have a record with the police where he is living and where he travels for the next 2 and a half years.

The case was heard at Dolgellau Youth Court, North Wales

The case was heard at Dolgellau Youth Court, North Wales

According to a statement from the prosecutors, the suspect initially said the victim gave her consent. However, he changed his statement and confessed to the crime.

Under the law, a girl could not consent to sex if she was under 16, says District Judge Andrew Shaw. “She was too young and you should not have done what you did,” he added.

He was then given the maximum possible sentence after Judge Shaw chose not to send him to Crown Court.

Katie Russell from the Rape Crisis England and Wales, a rape survivor charity, said, “The fact this happened after a sex education class is something I am sure gives concern about the teaching of sex education in school.”

She also believes it “highlights the importance of teaching sex and relationship education in schools that focuses not just on the biology and mechanics of sex but about emotions and consent, respect and relationships.”

“It is only through genuine education, and much earlier than 13 I would say, that we can help stop this happening,” explains Russell

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