Where the “Demons” hide (Face your Fear as you check on these 2 intimidating photos)

Where the “Demons” hide (Face your Fear as you check on these 2 intimidating photos)

For those with big apetite for something creepy & hair-rising this holloween, this mini-post is for you. Check these two ghostly  photos of late that scared the hell out of gazillion of internet users.

The Sofa

demon-face big
What appears to be a peaceful, uncorrupted snapshot of a living room was actually tainted w/ a spine tingling image of what many perceives as yes, – A HIDDEN DEMON in the sofa.

Trick or Treat?
While non-believers and die-hard critics of today have speculated: “the image may have been another wonder of Photoshop”, others, who are supernatural fanatics are still seeking explanation behind “the face” that popped out from nowhere.  A big number has corroborate the facts that the effigy of the same has been in-existence even before the advent of image-processing softwares as to dispel suspiscions.

And now the demon, the photo has gone viral for years. Facebook and Twitter loyalists were accounted for sharing the macabre pix like a chain-mail. Purpose of which is to equally amuse their love-ones or rather terrrrorize their hate ones.

To see is to believe,
Still struggling to spot the ghoul’s dreaded existence  in the frame?  Ugh, A third eye is not a requisite here to witness “the face” that could launch a thousand nightmare (ask Freddy Kreuger).  Check the bottom left behind the big brown cushion.  Hail a hissing snake  in your front, well-geared to give you a bite that would give you sleep of a lifetime.

On a semi-lighter note, Here’s another sinister photo that recently did rounds in the world of social media and paranormal.

“One Graduation Day”


Till date, sources of the photos the  that had since plagued the net remain unknown. No photo-artist or bozo ever admits that they were responsible for “the demons” sudden presence in the pixs. Nevertheless, whether  they are a by-product of man’s wide imagination or technology, it pays to….



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