Virtual Pinay “Sweetie” Instrumental in the Conviction of Australian Pedophile

Virtual Pinay “Sweetie” Instrumental in the Conviction of Australian Pedophile

A computer-generated Filipina kid named “Sweetie” was instrumental in the capture of an Australian pedophile who engaged in indecent communications with a person under 16.

On Wednesday, 38-year-old Scott Robert Hansen became the first sexual offender to be convicted following an online sting conducted by Terre de Hommes, a Dutch charitable organization. According to court officials, Hansen has been given a two-year sentence for “using a carriage service to transmit indecent communications to a person aged under 16, and possessing child exploitation material.”

With the help of Sweetie, 1,000 sexual predators from 71 countries have been identified over a 10-week period. More than 20,000  pedophiles  approached the virtual Pinay and asked her to perform sex acts.

According to Terre de Hommes, they did not initiate the conversations in the Internet chat rooms. Instead, they waited for the predators to approach Sweetie.

They also stressed that they immediately ended the conversation as soon as someone offered Sweetie money in exchange for sex performances via webcam.

After a web chat with Sweetie, Hansen’s home was searched by the Australian Federal Police, according to  spokesman for the child rights group.

Offenders from United States, Australia, and Poland have been captured through the operation of the child rights group.

In a statement, Terre de Homes explained how they got information about the sexual predators: “While the adults interacted with the virtual girl, the researchers gathered information about them through social media to uncover their identities,”

A report by the Unicef Philippines revealed that more than one million children fall prey to sexual exploitation in the world yearly. Furthermore, a research conducted by Terres de Homes concluded that “tens of thousands” of Pinays became victims of virtual cybersex.

Know more about Sweetie by watching this video.

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