True Love Never Dies: Man Dines In A Resto With A Photo Of Late Wife

True Love Never Dies: Man Dines In A Resto With A Photo Of Late Wife

Get your tissues ready for this heartbreaking story.

This week, a photo of a man sitting alone in a booth inside a local burger chain surfaced online and caught the attention and hearts of many netizens.

The picture shows an elderly man having a meal at In-N-Out Burger joint. Next to him was a photo of a woman who, apparently, was very close to the old guy’s heart.

Madina Bashizadah, the Twitter user who posted the picture captioned the shot with, “Oh my god I just died!!! He has a picture of his wife with him as he eats! I love him I love love.”

Photo from Madi Bash Twitter

Photo from Madi Bash Twitter

In an email sent to The Huffington Post, Madina said, “The older gentleman was sitting down enjoying his meal and I noticed that he had a photo with him. Automatically, I assumed she wasn’t here with us and I started tearing up because it was such a beautiful moment but heartbreaking at the same time.”

Her fellow diners approached the man, asking him about the photo. The man gladly tells them that she was his wife who passed away five years ago. They met at 17 but were separated because of war. For ten years, he searched for her. One day, while he was telling his barber about his pursuit for this special girl, the barber calls his daughter in and it ends up being her! Talk about destiny.  The two were married right away and they lived together for 55 years until she died.

According to the unnamed man, he takes her wife’s photo everywhere. The laminated picture shows him and his wife sitting on a couch together. At the back is another picture of them side by side when they were young.

So, there is true love after all.

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