Man Steals Bodies From Graveyards, Gives Them Names, And Dresses Them For Birthday Parties

Man Steals Bodies From Graveyards, Gives Them Names, And Dresses Them For Birthday Parties

Photo from CEN

Photo from CEN

Russian historian Anatoly Moskvin filmed corpses of young girls he dressed up for birthday parties. He visited more than 700 cemeteries, and exhumed 150 graves between 3 and 12 years old to satisfy his out-of-the-ordinary fantasies.

Based on reports, Moskvin took the cadavers home, dressed the skeletons in stockings and dresses, and turned them into a horrid mummy collection. One was even discovered looking like a teddy bear. Another weird thing was he gave his creation names and arranged birthday parties for the mummified girls.

The 46-year-old resident of Nizhni Novgorod in central Russia was described by people as a genius with the ability to speak 13 languages.

In a video footage found in his apartment, it shows a corridor full of wedding dresses and colorful clothes. At one point, the camera zoomed in on the faces of the corpses. His voice was heard at the background saying, “These dolls are made of mummified human remains.”

Screengrab from Mirror

Screengrab from Mirror

Police officers told the press how Moskvin gathered the latest information on the lives of each girl and printed the instructions for how to make dolls out of human remains.

All these secrets were discovered when his parents visited him.

The sick historian was taken into custody in 2011, but just recently, it turned out he will not stand trial for his horrendous crimes.

After three years  following his arrest, a judge has ruled he is not yet mentally fit to stand trial, thus he should stay in a psychiatric clinic for treatment.

During the suspect’s interview with a newspaper back in 2007, he said he had visited 752 burial grounds, frequently travelling almost 20 miles per day, by foot, to find them.

He has spent nights in abandoned farms or haystacks. He even admitted sleeping in a coffin prepared for a funeral.

According to Moskvin, he was repeatedly interrogated by the police, who would always let him go. Then, before he was detained, he submitted a piece for a publication on necrology explaining his interest in the dead.

When asked when and how did his obsession start, he said when he was just 12, attending a funeral procession. His interest in the occult developed when he was forced to kiss the face of an 11 -year-old dead girl.

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