A highschool girl gave birth in Prom, dumped her newborn & dances back in the floor (as if nothing happened).

A highschool girl gave birth in Prom, dumped her newborn & dances back in the floor (as if nothing happened).

New Jersey: Then 17 year old Melissa Drexler of Lacey Township High School was sentenced to 15 years behind bars after pleading guilty of manslaughtering her newly-born. The verdict, vetoed by the court’s presiding jury John Ricciard was among (if not) the school’s most controversial story to date and the state’s largely publicized news.


The prom mom in her gown all geared to enjoy the night…

The “Prom Mom”… (a dubious nickname she harbored from media critics) has kept her pregnancy concealed from the eyes around her  such as mates, parents, new boyfriend and the other boyfriend who made her tummy inflated. The girl can be mistaken as one of those fast-growing American teenager who has a headshaking fancy for hamburgers and Ice cream. Melissa was 5’7″ in height, 60 kg in weight.

Too soon, ecclesiastical eyebrows were raised, eyes rolled in total disbelief when the same girl they thought was merely fat was actually PREGGY and due to spew a baby.

In the name of Prom…
True to her never die spirit of gracing the much-awaited prom, she dressed up, put on her make up and zoomed her way past 7:00 p.m. to the grand ballroom of Garden Manor in Aberdeen Township- the prom’s venue. In all her might, she managed to disregard her broken water and cramping belly – clear signs that a gift of life from inside her is about to see the light of day.

For this young woman uncommon guts & valor, A “painful stage of labour” is no match and could cease her not from painting the town with red.  But prior to reaching the banquet hall,  she found herself rushing to the nearest restroom, locked herself in before her baby belt his first scream in public that would unwrap her true self. Barely 15–30 minutes of breathing in and out, she became a blue-blooded mom, brought a bouncing baby  to the world – all by herself. Alas!, such did not make her proud. So w/ the help of her  inner “monster”, she tangled her brand new “toy”  boy  with filthy plastics, choked him, and discharged the semi-lifeless inside the toilet bin like an unwanted menstrual napkin. TSK.  May “Christopher” (as she named him) find his peace. +


Melissa being escorted in the Court by her legal counsels for trial

To party like a rock star…

After sometime, she quickly left the crime scene, regained her strength by eating salad and danced happily ever after while the child she left in the bin were still gasping to breath his last.  His mother, on the other hand , was said to be  a  picture of a liberated young woman. Full of life as alleged by horrified schoolmates.   To add it more spice, “the partying mom even requested the party DJ’s to play a song for her – Mettalica’s “The Unforgiven”.

There’s something Fishy…
The prom mom, [now on her 30’s ] was detained right after a classmate of hers notice a significant amount of bloodshed & stains tinted in the tiles. A teacher as well as a school janitor  were flabbergasted to witness a freshly-cold meat, an infant tangled with his  untrim navel laying inside a dirty bin. Emergency workers attempted to revive the baby…, but their effort was in vain.


The prom mom’s mugshot

After serving nearly 37 months, In October 2001,  the prom girl turned murderer  was given a temporary pardon in some conditions.

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