Hardworking Traffic Enforcer Sells ‘Kakanin’ to Motorists along EDSA   

Hardworking Traffic Enforcer Sells ‘Kakanin’ to Motorists along EDSA  

We’ve had so many negative experiences and news about traffic enforcers these past few days – so we felt that we had to balance the bad news with some good news.


We found a video on Facebook, featuring a nice and courteous traffic enforcer who sells ‘kakanin’ to motorists at a gasoline station somewhere in EDSA. According to YouScooper TonsMags, motorists said the enforcer was a great man who would always smile at them while he sells his wares.

As you can see in the video, he is trying sell these ‘kakanin’ to the passengers of a vehicle who stopped by the gasoline station. His wares are placed at his motorcycle.

Netizens are praising the man for trying to make an honest living while selling ‘kakanin’, perhaps to add money to his family’s coffers. Many of them also said there was nothing wrong with him selling to earn extra money, instead of extorting money from motorists.

Others were quick to bash the enforcer, saying he should focus on his work instead of peddling ‘kakanin’.

Here’s the video shared by YouScoop:

What do you think of the traffic enforcer’s sideline job?

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