Child Rapist Raped, Treated by Doctors and Re-raped by 20 Prisoners

Child Rapist Raped, Treated by Doctors and Re-raped by 20 Prisoners

Taguatinga, Brazil – 25-year-old Brazilian Jujitsu instructor Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier was imprisoned for turning himself in after admitting to have raped and killed his own eight-month old step-son Miguel Star.

According to reports, at his initial 30-day incarceration, the perpetrator is said to be brutally raped by his 20- fellow inmates as he awaited for a hearing of his case before a presiding judge – receiving vigilante justice. After the initial assault, Xavier was then tended to by the jail’s medical staff with numerous sutures across his back and noticeably on his anal area.

However, he was then instituted back to the prison where he received another round of prison justice, raped and otherwise abused for the second time tearing out the fresh stitches from the wounds, brutalizing him more. Injuries became more prominent over his entire body especially on the region of his back side.

Xavier became the focus of the general population of the prison after the vigilante assaults.

An image of Xavier following the savage attacks was posted on the internet – attesting the form of justice he has undergone from the bloody stains on his back.


Consequently, some concerned denounced the act of inmates as ‘uncivilized’ or extreme. Yet, the general public, however alarmed, sided with the ‘vigilante prisoners’.

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