‘Alien Sea Monster’ with 100 Arms Caught by Singapore Fisherman

‘Alien Sea Monster’ with 100 Arms Caught by Singapore Fisherman

This bizarre-looking ‘alien’ creature was caught by a deep sea fisherman in Singapore.


54-year-old Ong Han Boon was at his favorite fishing spot on the island of Sentosa when he reeled in a creature so strange that he thought it was an alien.

Grabbing a video camera Boon recorded the mysterious creature which resembled a big clump of writhing worm-like tentacles that wriggled around in a decidedly unnerving manner. He said: “I spotted the line going up and down, and feeling a bit peckish I got quite excited as I hauled it in. But when I pulled it out of the water I was completely flummoxed by what I was looking at. The creature appears to have up to 100 moving tentacle-like arms and can only be resembled to a cross between a starfish, an octopus and an alien monster.”

He added: “I’ve had quite a few odd things from come out of the ocean but I have never seen anything like this before in my life. It had all these arms waving around. I thought it looked like an alien or some kind of mutant.”

This video of the bizarre creature online Boon had posted received a lot of comments and shares from Social Media and was identified as the ‘basket star,’ a deep-sea echinoderm related to star fish which comes in red, orange, white and grey body colors. The invertebrate has numerous arms that can measure more than 3 feet long with each branch featuring tiny sharp hooks that captures prey.

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