8 Most Disgusting and Grossest Moments On Stage

8 Most Disgusting and Grossest Moments On Stage

We hope it’s not time for your lunch break or dinner, because the following video performances you will see below will make you ill. Thing is, neither of these events is super shocking like the attacking of audience members, drank urine, or ate excrement.

So check out the 8 truly sick things that happened on stage.

1. Nikki Minaj poops her pants on stage

2. Fans threw either a pee-filled condom or piss-filled water bottles at The Mars Volta while performing at a music festival in Seattle in 2006

3. A woman puke all over Lady Gaga’s body

4. Justin Bieber vomits on stage in Arizona

5. Kings of Leon get pooped on by birds in St. Louis so much that they pooped on them to get them to stop

6. Ozzy Osbourne bites live baton stage

7. Lady Gaga almost nude in concert


8. Amy Winehouse falls during concert in Recife, Brazil

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